SANSO’s AI Smart AeroCleanTM

High performance SANSO's smart Air Purifier cum Air Disinfectant & Air Fragrance. Purify your home in just 12 minutes

High performance
Realtime Air Quality Indicator

Realtime Air Quality Indicator

SANSO's AeroCleanTM features an infrared sensor to detect the pollution levels inside your home. This feature makes it easy to monitor the quality of air you breathe

CADR of up to 406m3/h

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is the international standard for measuring the effectiveness of air purifiers. SANSO's Smart AeroCleanTM has been redesigned from the ground up according to aerodynamic principles to deliver high performance from a compact device.

The dual-blower 4-duct circulation system effectively pumps clean air into every corner of your home. Effective coverage ranges from 28m2 to 48m2.

406m3/h 48m2
CADR Effective Coverage

* Effective coverage is based on CADR and may be affected by factors such as room height and plot ratio.

* SANSO's Smart AeroCleanTM effective area is based on the GB/T 18801 Air Purifier standard: Effective area = CADR* (0.07-0.12)


AeroCleanTM Multiple Functions

Multiple Functions

Multiple Function to handle different tasks unlike any other Air Purifier, Sanso's Smart AeroCleanTM act as Air Purifier + Aerospace Disinfectant as well so, to maintain Air Purification and Odor at the same time.

Smart Mobile App Controlling

Smart Mobile App Controlling

Smart Mobile App controlling (On Demand) to manage modes, function, readings, etc. Physical buttons as well as app management with Wi-Fi module enabled to connect even virtually.

SANSO AeroCleanTM Design Details

A compact Aero dynamical + Purification and disinfectant ability design, combined with 360° AERODYNAMIC FILTERATION & PURIFICATION design with powerful triple filter system

  • Triple Filter Protection

    Primary Filter, HEPA H11, Coconut Activated Carbon Layer

  • Smart Sensors

    Smart Sensors to work on motion sensing, time sensing, mist sensing, and manual setting as well to puff the fog accordingly (best option is to set auto).

  • Design style

    Tower style design with 360° air through design.

  • Noise Cancellation Technology

    Full mobile control system with modes like Auto Mode, Manual Mode, High Speed, Medium Speed, Night Mode etc.

  • Dual fan system

    360° Dual fan system with 4 Independent Air Ducts to ensure proper I/O of air in all possible directions and to clean the Air-Spirals even up towards the ceiling, Right, Left, Front, Back etc. generation 360° to fill the room before being drawn back into the purifier.

  • Portable

    Light weight & easy to carry.

SANSO AeroCleanTM Filtration System

Filtration System

Filter out over 99% of particle sized 0.3μm & even larger particles by using HEPA (H11) grade high-density to filter out even min PM2.5 i.e. Formaldehyde and other harmful inhalable and micro level particles i.e.

formaldehyde dust pm 2.5 pollen
Formaldehyde Dust PM 2.5 Pollen Smoke Odors





Allergies Animal fur Harmful Chemicals 0.3μm particle Benzene

The replacement of the filter are made easy and can be connected to the on demand mobile app so all notifications related to filter replacement, refilling of air purification and fragrance liquid, Aerospace mist detection and its controlling with reading could be seen and data could be managed.

Smart AI Air Purification System

Smart AI Air Purification System

10,000 litres of clean air per minute

Purification and protection is made so viable that even it senses the presence of Adult, Children, Infants, Pregnant woman, so by using SANSO’s AI it adopts the relevant measurements and purifies the air with the amount of fog released which is not harmful for such genders and age groups & capable of the air purification with the accuracy of minimum

90 - 95% 99.5% 100%
PM 2.5, PM 0.3 (0.3μm), Inhalable particles,
Microbes, Viruses
Formaldehyde, Microbes/Viruses,
Harmful Substances
Dust, Pollen, Allergies, Hey fever, Harmful
large particles
  • PET pre-Filter

    Filters larger particles such as dust and hair

  • Toray HEPA Filter

    Ultra-dense H11 HEPA filter eliminates up to 99.3% of all inhalable particles at PM0.3 or above

  • Coconut activated Carbon Filter

    Eliminates formaldehyde, benzene, other harmful substances and odors

  • Filtration

    Eliminates up to 99.3% of all PM0.3 particles and 99.99% of all PM2.5 particles.

  • Backward inclined Turbine Fan

    Backward inclined for higher air intake, the turbine fan draws air past the cylindrical filter and through the duct. It's small, yet provides clean air to cover every inch of the room. The power efficient built-in driver circuit of brushless DC motor consumes only 75W at maximum power.

  • 4 Independent Air Ducts

    Aerodynamic air ducts are made of quality plastic that gradually taper off to increase outflow speed for better indoor circulation.

    Air ducts are aligned with the air flow direction to minimize wind energy loss

Unique 9-Blade Fan

Most air purifiers use only one fan for intake and output. This reduces flow speed after air passes through the filters and air ducts.

Instead, SANSO Smart AeroCleanTM Air Purifier uses an independent blower to boost air speed and has a 9-blade fan for even and consistent output.

Unique 9-Blade Fan